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Created and curated by @punyweakling (aka Karl Smith), ILLSNAPMATIX is an exploration of virtual light: in-game photography.

Focusing on GTA V for gen-8 (Xbox One and PS4 and PC), the new high res graphics, lighting effects and expanded Snapmatic features (like dynamic focus) have spurred a resurgence of photographic incursions into Los Santos and Blaine County.

ILLSNAPMATIX is a celebration of the people, places and things illuminated by the virtual light of open worlds.

All photos are by ILLSNAPMATIX unless otherwise credited.

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As seen on: Rockstar Games, HYPEBEAST, VICE (Motherboard), BuzzFeed,Kotaku UK, Fubiz, Hopes & Fears, this isn’t happiness.


Media contact is welcomed and encouraged for blogs, articles, interviews etc. Contact me here.

Feel free to use and share any photos from the site, but please bear in mind not all photos posted are taken by ILLSNAMPMATIX: other photographers are clearly credited. It’s polite to always credit the photographer!

A link back to illsnapmatix.com is always appreciated.


All photos and screen grabs posted on ILLSNAPMATIX are (technically) © of their respective owners (Rockstar, Ubisoft etc), and are posted here under fair use.

We believe that gamers’ use of the in-game camera app to create photos is transformative. We always credit the photographer where applicable.

(Note: Rockstar are super cool and very supportive of the GTA Photography community. Massive thanks to them for their support.)