If you have a shot, or series of shots, a photo essay, or a story about a GTA experience (with supporting photos) please get in touch. We’d love to feature your high quality, interesting, creative photography! In particular we’d love to see:

  • A photo set from a single location, 3 or more photos, with a short description
  • A photo set in a similar visual style or filter, 3 or more photos, with a short description
  • A photo set focused on a certain theme (portraits, buildings, nature, industry, etc), 3 or more photos, with a short description
  • In game photojournalism: a full article or thought piece with supporting photos
  • A single photo that is genuinely unique/interesting and showcases what’s amazing about GTA photograhy

If showcased, you’ll get full credit along with links to all your social accounts, Social Club profile, Social Club Crew etc.

Contact us via Twitter @illsnapmatix, email, or drop a comment on this page.

(We can’t always publish everyone, so apologies in advance if your work isn’t posted.)


  1. Bonjour, j’ai une photo prise a l’observatoire, donnant une belle impression je voudrais la partager mais j’ignore par quel site je peut vous la transmetre…?

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