1HARV3Y and #CarsInFlowers

Photo credit: 1HARV3Y

Everyone, everyone, has been taking photos of cars in flowers in the new-gen GTA V. The first example I saw was on the Rockstar Newswire and since then people have been flooding Twitter, Instagram and Social Club with their own versions. I got in touch with the photographer of that great photo, 1HARV3Y, for his thoughts on #carsinflowers.

Ian! Thanks for taking the time for a quick chat. Your photo was featured on Rockstar Newswire as a beautiful example of the improved new-gen Snapmatic app. How’d you find out your photo was featured, and how’d that feel?

I found out over Twitter from a few other #gtaphotographers crew members, and to be honest I was a little shocked that it was featured. Everything has been a little crazy since then. All I know for sure is I’m very grateful for all the comments and support over the last 2 weeks. So thank you!

Do you remember taking the snap? Was a spur of the moment thing, or did you plan it out?

Yeah I definitely remember taking the snap. I was online with @kingcozzie, who’s also in the #gtaphotographers crew, when we decided to go for a Rat-Loader Snapmatic, but I didn’t expect all the interest it’s had since then. We just drove around a little to find a decent spot and took a few snaps. That is basically it on that particular Snapmatic. Other times I could spend hours trying to get the one that you hope will catch other people’s attention the way it has caught your own.

You might not have been the first to snap a car in flowers, but getting featured by Rockstar means your photo popularised what’s almost become a sub-genre of it’s own. Thoughts on all the cars in flowers pics?

I’m not sure about if my Snapmatic popularised it, but if it got a few people to notice what #gtaphotographers are about then I’m happy with that. I can’t talk for others, but taking Snapmatics in flowers, plants or whatever is for me about the colours and D.o.F, and making it look like it’s real life photography, not a Snapmatic from GTA.

Any other thoughts on GTA Photography?

I love it, for me it’s one of the best features of the game. The possibilities are endless and everyone has pretty much different tastes so the end results are always pretty different. If you are interested in taking Snapmatics and looking for a crew that is all about photography then check GTAPhotographers out on Rockstar Social club.

Thanks, Ian! Where can people follow your work online?

You can follow me on Twitter @Ianharvey_ and on Rockstar Social club 1HARV3Y. If you are on Twitter or Instagram then just search #gtaphotographers to see all our amazing crew work.

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