Featured Photographer: PROVELVET

Photo Credit: PROVELVET

You’ve probably seen the name PROVELVET around the Twitter GTA photography scene. His fantastic snaps are regularly shared far and wide, but he’s not on Twitter himself. I went looking for him on Social Club and pinned him down for a chat about stanced cars, GTA car meets, and GTA photography!

Hey, thanks for taking the time for a chat. How did you get started in GTA Snapmatic photography?

I’m all about car meets and stanced cars, so my photography started when I joined my first crew. Before that time I enjoyed good photography but wasn’t interested in taking pictures myself. It began with capturing car meets. That it was possible to organize 16 people and see them all driving in a line, all with the same interest in stanced cars – that was impressive. I thought the only way to keep that experience would be to capture it with photos.

Besides the photography of car meets, which is a really quick and spontaneous way to take pictures, I also started to shoot my own lowered cars. I got inspiration from the world famous blog ‘stance works‘. I had literally no experience with photography and I tried to get an eye for good composition, light, contrast, and all other aspects of good photos. GTA was a great way to do so, because you don’t have to worry about equipment etc.

With the time passing by I started to take pictures of landscape, city life, close ups – all different kinds of photography – simply to expand my horizon from the car photography I got used to. And thats where I am today. Trying to get a good mix of these 3 parts – meet captures, cars and mixed.

Can you describe a typical photo session for you? How do you get around, what are you looking for?

Since my photography is divided in 3 parts, the way I shoot my pictures is too.

Starting with meet captures, as I said it’s a very spontaneous way to take pics. You can’t wait for good light or search for the bets spot / background etc. That’s what’s interesting about it, trying to get the best result from the location, light and the way (mostly) 30 cars are parked as quick as possible. Composition is most important for me.

2nd would be car photography. Most of the time I search for a location that fits the car itself, it’s color and style. I go alone or with friends looking for good spots, good composition and light. I’m really a perfectionist with that, and to position the car could take 20 min sometimes. :D

3rd is the mixed photography, as I call it. The mood I’m in decides what I’m going to capture. Either landscape, close ups, indoor, city and so on. My goal is to capture simple, normal things in a way people wouldn’t expect. It’s still very hard to not make it look like 1 in a million shots you’ve already seen on social club. But I try.

You make great use of contrast in your shots. Do you wait for certain lighting? Or is your eye drawn to compositions with the drama of light vs dark?

I only wait for lighting if I want to capture things specifically with sunrise/sunset or day/night. Otherwise I just take it as it is and make the best out of it. It’s true with the time you evolve an eye for things like composition, light, colors, contrast etc.

What do you think of the GTA photography scene?

I think it has good variety and tons of really skilful people with their own styles. I enjoy clicking through photos of the photographer crews. It’s nice to talk to those people too and to be recognized by the photography scene, which doesn’t go without saying since meet/stance crews often have nothing to do with the photography scene. But I’m happy to be able to build a connection between both.


What about game photography in general?

My experience with game photography started with GTA. I am super happy that Rockstar implemented the depth of field option, and that the graphics are at a point where it is worth taking pictures. I also tried photography in Gran Turismo 5 – I really liked that. I’m sure that photography in games will be a big part of games in the future too. I myself will stick to GTA and maybe GT7 one day.

Thanks for taking the time! Where can people follow your stuff online?

No problem, I was really happy to get the opportunity to do this interview with you. People can follow my stuff on my social club account. I don’t publish my work elsewhere (yet)… :)