Hopes and Fears

Games journalist Richard Moss was kind enough to ask me a few questions for his fantastic piece on game photography.

Smith takes a more nuanced view, particularly in the context of GTA. “Technically all in-game [GTA V] ‘screenshots’ are copyright Rockstar games,” he tells Hopes&Fears. “But here they’ve given gamers the virtual tools to interpret the virtual environment.” With those tools in hand, an in-game photograph may at some point become a transformative work of art. Smith puts a finer point on it: “If you capture virtual light in a virtual world with a virtual camera, is that photography?”

Read the whole article at hopesandfears.com.

Calling all in-game photographers

Fotomuseum Winterthur is calling all videogame photographers and screenshot artists!

Send us your best images taken in the video game of your choice, related to the theme of outsiders.

We are interested in exploring the world of in-game photography and its diverse communities and how they contribute to the evolving practices of contemporary image-making. We are especially curious to look at the portrayal of outsiders in video games, whether game characters, urban environments or landscapes. The pictures selected will form a photo gallery on our website becoming the focus of an online discussion about photography and video games.

Submit your photos using the form on Fotomuseum Winterthur’s website.