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Featured Photographer: okonst

Photo credit: okonst

The Snapmatic camera in GTA V takes wonderful pictures, with zoom, depth of field and some great creative filters. However, only being able to save out the images to 960x536px isn’t the best, especially since everything on screen is rendered in 1080p before you take your snap. Photographer okonst uses the PS4 share feature then processes the snaps in Photoshop to create moody, lonely, high-res images. I asked him how he got started taking photos in GTA V. Continue reading

Featured Photographer: Arioza

Photo credit: Arioza

Scroll through pages of GTA Photography on social media and you’ll end up neck deep in photos of cars, trucks, bikes and planes. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like there’s so much more in the world of GTA to explore.

The landscape photography of Arioza leaps off the screen every time you see her work. Colour, depth of field and an obvious knack for composition are the foundations of her popular brand of photography. I caught up with her for a quick chat. Continue reading

1HARV3Y and #CarsInFlowers

Photo credit: 1HARV3Y

Everyone, everyone, has been taking photos of cars in flowers in the new-gen GTA V. The first example I saw was on the Rockstar Newswire and since then people have been flooding Twitter, Instagram and Social Club with their own versions. I got in touch with the photographer of that great photo, 1HARV3Y, for his thoughts on #carsinflowers. Continue reading